It takes all of us to help make positive changes in the lives of the women who reach out to us.

We are looking for help of all kinds. Students, board members and community members are all encouraged to Contact Us if interested.


Completing a placement in a non-profit organization is an excellent way to gain experience in your chosen field. A student placement can also give you experience in areas in which you have an interest and would simply like more hands on experience. Student placements provide Interaction with other professionals and can bring strong benefits in terms of establishing your own professional network.

Board Member

Serving on a board is a great way to support work that you care about. It can also be a powerful way to build your own skills and expertise through participation in meetings with other people as committed about the cause as you are. Individuals who serve on a board have the opportunity to develop and grow as leaders and cultivate new skill sets and expand their network of peers, professionals, community leaders, and community thought leaders.

Community Member

OFA is made up of general members from the community as well as businesses and other community organizations that support the work we do. Community members can come to board meetings but they don't participate in the meetings unless they are members of the Board of Directors. Being a Community Member, you can join many of our board committees and contribute in a more formal way. If that's not of interest to you, you can become a member and support OFA by getting involved in many of the activities happening at OFA.

For those interested in volunteering or joining our staff, take a look at our list of Open Positions.