Programs offered on a regularly scheduled basis, requiring a defined time commitment.

Phone: 416-787-1481

Shape Your Life Boxing

Shape Your Life (SYL) is a free, trauma informed, non-contact boxing program for self-identified women who have experienced violence. The SYL boxing classes do not require experience in boxing. Each class is on Sunday afternoons. This is a free program. Equipment, TTC and snacks are provided. Registration is by telephone interview.

Phone: 416-787-1481 x227

Women's Employment and Development Program (WED)

WED is a six-week course designed for women that are on social assistance, have been out of the workforce or need assistance in identifying their skills and abilities. WED is an intensive program dealing with topics such as self esteem, assertiveness, decision making, job search techniques, labour market research and action planning. In addition, the WED program uses vocational testing to help women plan their next steps. Before participants leave the WED program, they will have an action plan detailing the steps they will need to take to achieve their goals. For some women, this means continuing on to upgrading while other women move on to computer training or other types of skill training.

Phone: 416-787-1481 x231

Preparing for Change

The Preparing For Change program focuses on integrating and balancing our lives with effective supports and skill development that will help resolve the issues that prevent us from moving forward. Some of us come to a point in our lives where we know we can go no further yet we do not know how to identify the steps necessary to lead to eventual change. The best way to predict the future is to create it ourselves. Preparing For Change is a program focusing on taking control of our lives and creating our own futures through finding the power within each of us. The program uses the strength of a supportive group setting to help participants identify problems and to take action. It is about sharing information and developing new skills, forming new friendships and developing new ways of seeing the totality of events that have helped to shape who we are as individuals. This seven week program meets in communities across Toronto. Information sharing, group support, and confidence building are used to help women of all ages set realistic goals which enable movement toward educational upgrading, training, and active community engagement.

Phone: 416-787-1481 x226

Women Under Stress

The Women Under Stress Program offers a support group for women of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds who are experiencing mental health challenges. The Women Under Stress Program is a free program offering group support to women (self identified), one morning or afternoon a week for 8 weeks. The program is facilitated in partnership with different agencies across Toronto. In the group, participants learn and develop communication skills, increase coping skill to manage stress, share experiences and receive information. As participants develop these skills and build self-esteem and work on assertiveness training they become more empowered to develop strategies to take control of their own life situations. The program is open to all women (self identified) and snacks and TTC fare is provided.